The HIGHMILEAGE band is a group of 5 men that sound and compete with
other bands that have 6,and 7, or even more members. HIGHMILEAGE has a big 
band sound that can compete with larger bands because of their compiled talents
and combined experience in the field of music and entertainment. Although the 
band is strongly country rooted HIGHMILEAGE is not afraid to show off an old
50's song or even throw out a little Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, or Del Shannon,
from time to time. 
   The band plays the hottest old and new country and yes, for the most part 
they still ware hats, buckles, and boots, and each member is a proud walking, 
flag waving, God fearing, red neck. What sets the band apart is their unique 
choice in music, (both commercial and original music). They play top 40 country,
old country, country you thought you'd forgotten, and a few wild tunes you wouldn't
expect, just to show off their playing ability and rowdy attitudes. Who are 
they? Where do they come from? Where have they been? Read on:

First there is Paul Forster, the oldest, the biggest, and the best bass player this side of the Reio Grand. Paul has been playing since he can remember, in bands to many to put into print. Paul Forster once appeared on an old show in Cleveland called "Polka Varieties" as an accordion player (if you can believe that). Pauls musical background is thick in country but he has been known to play rock, polka, blues, and blue grass, as well. Why? Because he can. You can't miss Paul Forster in a room with a hundred people. His tall frame, long beard, and believe it or not, skull ear ring, give him away like a silver dollar in a pile of cole. If you love the sound of a thumping bass and driving back beat, you need to hear Paul Forster: Base player, vocal, for HIGHMILEAGE.
Then there is Scott Tabron the lead, rhythm, and vocal end of HIGHMILEAGE. When we spoke of Paul Forster as being the biggest in the band we left out the fact that no one has ever measured Paul and Scott to see if that is really true. Scott Tabron stands above the crowd not only in height, but also in talent. Scott will go from "Im From the Country" (by Tracy Byrd) to "Country Man" (by Buddy Guy) and never bat an eye. Scott will play what he wants, when he wants, and that never fails to leave the crowd wondering what's next. With intense intrigue he captivates his audiences and refuses to let them go until the show is over. There simply put is no other performer like, Scott Tabron: lead, rhythm, vocal for HIGHMILEAGE.
Along with Dave Clark a drummer that kicks like a mule, hammers like a 200 pound roofer, and twirls a set of drum sticks like a set of pearl handled six shooters, there is no other place for the wild man except behind a set of drums. Dave is deeply country rooted and comes from a family of musicians, a brother that plays another band (country, of course)called "Aint Skeered". HIGHMILEAGE is the band that Dave has helped to bring to a hard hitting, boot stomping, crowd pleasing, country band. Dave we don't think weigh's 100 pounds soakin wet, but plays like one of the biggest men ever known to stomp a double peddle kick drum. Dave Clark: drummer for HIGHMILEAGE.
Last (usually) but not least Scott Velain a lead gutiarest that can play lead and sing at the same time. Scott astounds many guitar player because of his ability to rip through a lead riff while singing, reading a book, and winking at the closest pretty girl in the crowd (kids don't try this at home). Scott having played from the west coast in central California (the Salinas Valley) to the east coast (just outside of Ft. Benning Georgia) has played with many different styled musicians from rock, to blues, even jazz, but Scott Velain will tell you with out a doubt, he'll die with his boots on. Scott is a native Texan born in the small town of "Grand Prairie" (yes it's a real place!) and bends his strings each night with the fire of country music burning deep in his heart, and running through his veins. Scott's grandmother on his fathers side was full blooded indian and with his renagade style of life, love, and the persuit of country music, it's no wonder his drive is like no other. Scott Velain: lead, rhythm, vocals, for the HIGHMILEAGE band.
And there you have it. The men, the music, some of the demons that haunt them, and the women that love them. (Oh, did we leave the women out? Nuf said.) If you need a night out, and your board with bland style-less bands, visit the "HIGHMILEAGE" web site or the "Ticket" in the Canton repository and see where HIGHMILEAGE is playing. Then, shine yer boots, and buckles, straighten yer hat and catch the wave to HIGHMILEAGE LIVE !
See ya there, god willin, and the creeks don't rise!